WeatherSnoop Answers “Owl” of Your Weather Questions with New BoinxTV Integration

As hundreds of global viewers logged on to share the excitement of Mr. and Mrs. Tiger’s three new owlets, temperatures in Oklahoma City dropped. The Click family, who we introduced you to in Monday’s post, and especially oldest daughter Alessondra, have endeared a pair of Great Horned Owls to the world through the popular live steam Alessondra’s OKC Great Horned Owl-Cam. For the last four seasons, the Clicks have documented every aspect of Mr. and Mrs. Tiger’s exciting and educational owl lives; from the hatching of new eggs, to the fledging of hatchlings, to every midafternoon snooze that the Tiger Owl family takes – we’ve been able to watch and be a part of it all.

It’s no surprise that the public has become very invested in the well being of America’s royal Owl family. What is going to happen to the babies in the winter? Are the new eggs going to handle cold? How will they keep warm as the country is bombarded by polar vortexes and record breaking lows? How cold does it even get in Oklahoma City? Enter the BoinxTV WeatherSnoop Layer. This convenient new layer lets you connect BoinxTV to your go-to personal weather station (like the one the Clicks use) via WeatherSnoop and instantly display live weather data directly into your broadcast.

View from the top - the Click's Ambient Weather Station perched atop the OKC home

Jeff Click, dad and technological mastermind behind the live stream explains, “Integrating weather data into the video production was as simple as you’d expect with BoinxTV. Our Ambient Weather Station, which is paired with WeatherSnoop to deliver the data right from our site and into the video layer, adds a whole new professional dynamic to our 24/7 stream. The video layer provides numerous options for a graphic background, and provides superb data formatting control for precise placement of the desired elements.

Check out what the end result looks like in the screen shot above!

Boisy Pitre of Tee-Boy, the developer behind WeatherSnoop, says of the BoinxTV collaboration: “As a nature lover, it’s exciting for me to be able to help contribute to Alessondra’s OKC Great Horned Owl-Cam. Having the current weather superimposed on the screen via BoinxTV gives viewers an extra dimension of information as they watch nature unfold.

So to all of the loyal Tiger family fans who are worried about the status of the new babies, the live stream now automatically features a full, up-to-the-minute weather report. Isn’t technology just a hoot these days? Visit the Click’s Ustream page for more information on Great Horned Owls, their live stream, and the story behind it all.